When you are organizing a race event such as a walking, cycling or a marathon, you need to make an impression with your event space. Most of such events take place in the great outdoors and need to have temporary fencing and crowd control barriers to demarcate the areas where the cyclists will be and where the crowd will be.

It is essential to have these crowd control and pedestrian barriers for these events in order to make them more secure and to keep people under control.

How Barriers Help

Every cycling event from your neighbourhood charity event all the way to Tour De France makes use of crowd barriers. And for good reason. They keep the cyclists and the excited crowd apart from each other to prevent serious physical harm to either one of them.

Bike riding is not a particularly dangerous sport, but there are some risks involved which can be mitigated by the right crowd barriers.

Barriers can, for instance, keep the crowd at the cycling event in check and allow them to cheer on the riders without getting in their way and injuring them.

The roads are generally wide enough, even at approaching turns. The crowd barriers make it safer for the riders when they are trying to get past each other and not worry about unexpected obstacles.

Additional Marketing for Sponsors

The crowd barriers can provide additional marketing for sponsors. Just imagine, the bannering for your event sponsors attached to the crowd control barriers you hire which will be seen by the crowds and possibly tv. The barrier which stands at 1.1 metre high and is in the public eye could bring potential sales to any sponsor or advertiser.

Proper Placement is a Priority

When you are organizing an event such as a cycle race, it is essential to have barriers placed and installed properly, as improperly placed barriers can cause some serious harm to the attending crowd or even the cyclists.

One thing to ensure is that no barriers abruptly show up on the road directly in the path of the riders. A gradual entry of barriers is best as it will minimize the risk of injury and just guide the cyclists to make the turn. Barrier clipping at sharp turns should also be minimized by using hay bails at turnings and having securely aligned barriers that are serviceable for the job at hand.

We, at Fence Hire Southern take the utmost care when servicing and installing our crowd control barriers for such events. Please contact us if you need crowd barriers installed for your cycling event.