Without precedent and for a long time coming, Fence Hire (Southern) Ltd has changed its logo. You will still recognise us as the word Fence Hire still plays a big part in the overall design.

The objective of the new look is to rebrand the older yellow flick and introduce a new design that includes the whole company name.

Fence Hire (Southern) ltd has experienced a few logo changes since buying the assets from Fence hire Ltd over 15 years ago. The company started back in Aldershot in 2003 and since then has relocated now to Lower Farringdon. With bigger premises and cleaner surroundings, the company has grown its stock to record levels to cater for more events throughout the year.

Pre 2003 the Fence hire logo was a defined Blue with bold italic font. It has since evolved into a yellow FHL, and then followed by the long-standing yellow flick which has been around for over 10 years. The new logo went through many design phases before being finalised. Using just some simple steps like these mentioned in the Huff Post made it simple to design.

The logo features Fence Hire's initials FH surrounded by a new bright half orange circle. The word Southern Ltd is now incorporated into the design for the first time, which completes the bottom of the logo. The F and H have been coloured separately so you can identify the two letters. The larger logo is followed by the word FENCEHIRE, which is colour matched to the original FH in the logo.

The new logo is a piece of a bigger rebranding activity that has seen the website get a new overhaul and the staff will promptly be wearing new attire with the new logo.