When it comes to planning events, there's an awful lot to sort out that it's no surprise those involved in the organising often feel overwhelmed.

But to help make everything run smoothly, Rebecca Kelly - the co-founder of Venuescanner - has suggested in an article for Conference News that a more holistic approach is necessary, one that prioritises digital solutions to resolve issues such as efficient bookings of venues and all the various services required to hold the perfect event.

She advised venues to make sure they're visible online, noting that although there are more than 100,000 spaces here in the UK that are available to hire under ten per cent are listed online right now.

A central communication hub would also be beneficial, helping event planners to get in touch directly with venues.

Ms Kelly went on to say: "The events industry is still playing catch up, and leaving organisers, such as personal assistants, a tremendously arduous task in bringing together an interesting venue, for the right price and on the right date. To move in line with the societal shift, they must embrace digital platforms that facilitate direct communication between the event organiser and venue owner, as well as providing transparent pricing, real-time venue availability and lots more."

According to research by XING Events, the use of digital solutions in this particular industry is on the rise. However, a big gap between what organisers offer and what attendees want was identified, such as online ticketing - this is important for 90 per cent of attendees or thereabouts but this was found not to be the main focus for organisers.

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