Up to this point you may or may not have just thought of crowd control barriers in terms of providing greater safety to the attendees of an event. That is just one of the things that crowd control barriers are used for. Here's what you probably wouldn't have thought.

It's free "Real Estate" (for Marketing)

A collection of crowd barriers is not just something that helps you to ensure the safety of the attendees of your particular event, it is a marketing tool just waiting to happen. You may have worked hard to get sponsor, but what’s in it for them? That's right, publicity and increased awareness.

That being said, crowd control barriers that are hired temporarily for your event may look plain and uneventful if not used properly. You're only partially making use of them when you hire and have them installed.

The front face of the barriers is actually free "real estate" that you can use to advertise for your partners or for yourself.

How is it Free Real Estate?

That's because of something called "bannering". You can have adequately sized banners and poster materials from your sponsors and partners displayed on these barriers. Just have them securely fastened to the barriers and let the brands market themselves. It also adds a bit of spice and colour to the event if it is getting coverage from the media.

For instance, if your cycling event is being covered by a number of sports channels, the cameras will be following the bicyclists around and will also catch the barriers in the process. This means that people at home who are watching or streaming the event live on their TVs and mobile devices respectively, will be registering the brands being advertised (even subconsciously).

RedBull is a Prime Example

If you've seen how RedBull market their energy drink, you'll know that they do it exclusively through unbelievable events. They utilize many of the props they use like cars, bikes, bannering, helmets, gloves and safety wear and let the extreme sporting event do the talking. Their audience gets the entertainment they need and RedBull gets the marketing done to help them grow as a brand.

Who's to say you can't do something similar for yourself or your sponsors through the event barriers at your own event?

Nothing New

It's hardly a concept ever unheard of. There are cricket and football stadiums that make use of the same techniques when they utilize the barriers and screens to display advertisements for the sponsors of the events. If you help your sponsors get more coverage through this kind of bannering and advertising, they will be willing to get on board with your other events as well.

Along with keeping people behind the barriers safe, you will be giving your sponsors a reason to support you next time around, too.

If you would like to have the services of our well maintained event barriers here at Fence Hire Southern for safety and marketing, please do not hesitate to call us up.