Have you ever been to a flower show? If so, you would have heard about the Chelsea Flower show. It's quite famous and successful, as people from all over the world attend the show.

What makes it so successful, though? Before we go into the specifics, we must understand that flower shows are basically like any other event so the same management and marketing principles apply. It helps, however, if you’re passionate about event management.

Here are the most important components of managing a flower show well.

The Team

The people who are working with you are your greatest asset so you must be able to work with them effectively. This includes your own on ground team, the people installing the temporary fences for the event from the fence hire company, volunteers, caterers for the event, the venue owners and all other suppliers play an important part in making your flower show a success.

Make a brief job description for your volunteers and make sure you are recruiting the right people who are going to help you, not hinder your progress. A short job description for volunteers is important so you know that you have the right people on board.

Your volunteers must be quick to think on their feet and get the bigger picture, i.e. making the flower show a success. They must dress the part on event day as well. This will give a good impression to the attendees of the flower show and contribute towards its success.

Setting Clear Objectives

Flower shows are events and serve a purpose such as introducing people to the beauty of seasonal flowers. Just like this, there are other objectives of flower shows, such as raising awareness and money to donate to charity. You must have goals like these in mind (and on paper).

When you have the goals on paper, it actually helps to create different tasks that you must do to contribute towards the end goals. There should be measures in place such as small feedback forms that don't take up the attendees' time and you can get timely feedback on the most important aspects of the flower show and see how well it managed to accomplish the targets you set earlier. That's a great measure of effectiveness. You need to make sure, however that these objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-oriented).

Delivering a Fantastic Event

You may have run a lot of drills before the event, and promoted it well, but when the fence hire team arrives before the start of the event and set up the temporary fences and crowd control barriers for the event, you know that things are about to get real. Make sure that all of your team members are really up for the challenge and motivated to give it their all. That's when you need your security, catering, suppliers and other involved parties to deliver.

Make sure that they are all properly briefed in detail and understand their roles, so that by the time the fence hire team comes back to wind things up, you will know that your event has succeeded.

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