No matter what kind of event you're planning, the health and safety of your attendees should always be a top priority. And these days, we're lucky enough to have all sorts of technology at our disposal to help us out in this regard.

Take Raven as an example - a new incident management and event logging app from crisis management experts ID Resilience. This has been designed to help those in the events industry simplify the recording of what takes place at each event, based on a reporting format that allows for instant capture and communication of incidents using a PC or a smartphone.

Speaking to Event Industry News, managing director and creator of Raven Ian McLeod Kerr explained: "Both the sports and events industries in the UK are way behind when it comes to logging key decisions and actions critical to their operations. Most still rely on pen and paper as a system for recording and managing incidents. With the threat level as high as it is, this is just no longer acceptable".

"We launched to help sports arenas and event venues across the UK improve their safety procedures through the use of technology. The need for a real-time digital incident logging system has never been more prevalent."

The ID Resilience team can also help you to identify and understand the key risks that you and your business face, providing you with realistic and immersive exercises so your team can be properly prepared for all eventualities.

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