Organising events takes a lot of planning and practice, but what is the most important aspect of event organization? There may be many answers to this -- good organization, effective back room operations and many other aspects. But the real answer is none of these. It is actually the attendees' safety at the events.

Concerts and other large events have large areas near the stage that are sectioned off with specialized barriers. There are usually security and medical personnel within this secure perimeter. Some public arrive at concerts and events early to make sure that they get next to this area to get close to all the "action" happening on stage.

Event Safety

Making sure that the people attending the concert and the artists performing on stage are safe is the upmost importance. The front of stage barriers help you make sure that the majority of the attendees donít make it through to the pit area. For the rest of the over excited individuals who do manage to make it past the stage barriers, there are pit security crew members who play their part to maintain discipline at the event.

Some Pit Security Crew Characteristics
1.Safety for Everyone

Concerts and musical acts are definitely safer when there are front of house barriers and vigilant pit crew members around to help. Music gigs benefit from the presence of pit crew because they know exactly how to deal with a misbehaving and rude crowd member when they try to make their way up onto the stage.

An experienced pit crew team is exactly how they sound. A pit crew team for a formula 1 race car knows the ins and outs of the car and everyone knows the role they have to play. Similarly, the pit security crew at concerts also know how to ensure the safety of the crowd and of the performers.
Musicians and performers get pumped before their performances so that they are able to deliver their best, but they often take it too far when they come close to the pit area to interact with fans. A good pit crew member will see this and step in before anything untoward happens which may defame the performer or put them in jeopardy.

So pit crew sees both aspects: crowd and performers.

2. They're well-Coordinated
The dynamics involved with the pit crew at concerts and similar events is vital. They should be well rested before the event so their senses are on high alert and they're able to notice subtle visual cues from their counterparts when something is wrong.

If they have experience with other events which are similar and, better yet, work well together, they will be able to make a great team in terms of coordinating the security at your event.

Front of stage barriers are also necessary as they help the crowd stay away from the pit area so that crowd members don't cause trouble and destruction at the event. These Barriers should be sturdy and durable so that they are able to handle the pressure from the crowd when they push and sway during a concert.

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