Whether you are organising a small private event or a huge concert, it is essential to secure the area that you will be using for your event.

This is where the help of a temporary fencing company comes into play. But you need to be confident that the company you do hire from will offer you outstanding service and quality products.
And how do you do that, correctly?
Asking the right questions will help you gain a quick and firm understanding of the businesses you may contact.

Figuring out if they're Professionals

Be vigilant about where you hire event fencing. Sometimes it's the little things you forget to ask. For instance,

  1. What transport do they use to deliver their products to the site?
  2. Are their products easily transportable around the event site?
  3. Do you have to provide a forklift for offloading and loading?
  4. Are the temporary fence panels or barriers all different shapes and sizes?
    • round tops and square tops fence panels?
    • 2.5m or 2.3m barrier length?
  5. Do they offer a high-quality, heavy-duty rubber foot?
  6. Are double clips offered to reduce the risk of unauthorised entry?
  7. Will all the equipment delivered be fully serviceable and free from damage?

Answers to these questions will help you establish a good understanding of what type of service you can achieve.

Using a temporary fencing contractor that has experience with the event industry reduces the likely hood of havoc on the first day of the event build and throughout - the right equipment supplied to help complete the job in the minimum time required.

Before any arrival on-site, make sure you receive a copy of risk assessments and methods statements from the contractor. If they plan to use plant machinery, Do they have the correct licences to operate it. Make sure a copy of their employers' and public liability insurance are made available.

Other questions which may help

We've already spoken about how questions are essential in determining a professional temporary fencing business. Let's have a more detailed look at others you may ask.
Do they offer installation and dismantling? If so, is all of their staff trained on the equipment used for the job at hand?

What are alternative temporary fencing products on offer? Understanding the best type of product that would work best for you in certain places can make your event more secure and better still, safer.

When you ask the right questions, you will set the right kind of expectations you expect from their services. Each event, irrespective of its scale, deserves its protocol. If you wish to hire only the best for temporary fencing, call us up at Fence Hire.