Carfest South is a festival known for its food, cars, loads of activities and of course the live music. That being said, you'll definitely find an artist worth your while at the festival as the 2018 Carfest South festival is hosting a slew of upcoming artists that will be performing live.

Of course, safety precautions such as temporary fencing and barriers have been taken.

Fence Hire Southern has 1000's of temporary fencing products that gets the job done right and because of well-maintained and high quality temporary fences provided and installed at the location before the festival (taking place from the 24th-26th of August 2018) keeps the security of the performers and the people attending in mind. Here are some of the upcoming performing artists that you should definitely check out at the Wigwam Stage when you’re at the event.


This is an up and coming band from England's capital city of London, and features a diverse combination of 4 people with very different backgrounds. They’re Nicholai, Karlos, Richard Hardy and Sam Campbel. These four musicians are of Trinidadian, Jamaican, Australian and Irish descents (not respectively).

This unlikely quartet of talented musicians can produce dance worthy music that has hints of music from all over the world. You'll hear jungle, funk, rock, punk, ska and soca in their musical performances. That makes for an incredibly high energy performance that you can bear witness to at Carfest South Festival on 2018.

Sadie Horler

Sadie is a singer songwriter, hailing from Exeter. She's quite popular since she first appeared on the South West festival circuit live in 2014 for the first time. She has a way with the fingerstyle method of guitar playing and singing comes naturally to her. This is a vital combination contributing to her success.

She has a warmth about her persona on stage and is able to engage audiences authentically, captivating them with the message behind her songs. Her lyrics show that she is very perceptive about the world along with a hint of mature. Her songs present a picture that you simply have to admire.

Her parents are to thank her for her love of music who, at a very young age, introduced her to live music at festivals. She draws inspiration from musical greats like Tracy Chapman and Leonard Cohen. More Recent inspirations include Sound of the Sirens, Billy Marten and Lucy Rose.


Here's another singer-songwriter that has had music in her life from a very young age. Cecil was born in Berkshire and ever since the release of her debut EP last year. She has since claimed recognition from BBC Radio and other radio stations in the UK.
Her inspiration draws greatly from her mother who used to play the drums, and she picked up the piano when she was in her teens.
She matured from adolescent lyrics to captivating songs that lent her the credibility she has today. Her Great Uncle, Cecil McGivern, was also an inspiration for her. McGivern earned an Oscar nomination for his screenplay adaptation of "Great Expectations" in 1946. BBC's Carfest is welcoming her once again to the festival in 2018.