Carfest South is one of the most anticipated fun festivals in the UK and the Southern part of things is not going to be an exception. With plenty of music and cars to go around, it's sure to be a really memorable experience.

Plenty of Live Music and Nostalgia

The top of the pop-ups is where you can enjoy your food with a side of music. Chefs will prepare street food live for you while the DJ plays some inspirational hits from back in the 60s through to the 80s. It's a time where you can reminisce and be overcome by a wave of nostalgia as you sing along to your favourite tunes.

One of the performing artists on Friday, the 24th of August will be Paloma Faith.
She claims that the main theme that her musical album revolves around are those of kindness, empathy, environment and revolution. That's pretty noble, considering that there needs to be more of these in the world.

In fact, she is getting people involved through her website. For instance, she's giving her audience ways in which they can support the message behind her song's lyrics. To support her message of empathy, she says that you can have a meaningful conversation with someone elderly, talk to someone without assuming that they are having a wonderful day, spread positivity through your words, show kindness and empathy by not dismissing someone on face value and more.

It's good to see how people are stepping up to create a positive impact through little gestures, creating a powerful message in the process.

Who Can Forget About the Cars

It's not just about good vibes and powerful expressions of strong messages through song at the Carfest South Festival 2018; you have cars to see (and be fortunate enough to drive).

With Italian and German supercar marvels as well as all American Muscle, there is quite a bit of variety at the festival that you can experience. But it is going to be an action packed weekend, so you will need to book your rides early to get your hands on the car of your dreams and take it for a test drive around the track.

Yes, the sporting bears community have pledged some of their most prized vehicles for loyal Car Fest-ers to enjoy. Remember that what the CarFest-ers pay in booking, they automatically donate to BBC's Children in Need.

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