Fence Hire Ltd were one of the first temporary fencing companies in the UK to offer fencing for hire to the events industry. So not only do you receive the Fence Hire personal touch, but with it comes years of valued experience in temporary fencing products. From hiring for an event to purchasing for construction,

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We have built up an excellent reputation for high quality temporary fencing products and service. With our own purpose built vehicles, some with lorry mounted forklifts make for rapid and trouble free unloading and reloading.


Fully trained permanent Fence Hire staff with full PPE and equipment specialised for the job.


We provide high quality temporary fencing products to the events industy. Every product is checked for any damage before being loaded.


With over 20 years experience brings you a high quality service and an unbeatable quality reputation.


We offer a full install and dismantle service to help you focus on what you do best, which is running and organising your event.


Available day or night to cater for your event. Weekdays or weekends, we work with you.


We love what we do and are always here to help. Pick up the phone or email to get in touch with any questions relating to our services or products.

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Heras Fencing

Over 16km's of event only heras fencing in stock.

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Crowd Barriers

At 2.5m long x 1.1m high we can deliver up to 500 crowd barriers for hire on a single artic which is a total distance of 1.25km's.

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Hi Hoard

At 2.1m high and 2.4m wide this temporary product creates a formidable defence against easy unauthorised entry.

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FOS Stage Barrier

The front is powder coated black to help reduce reflection from stage lighting.