Front of Stage Barrier for Hire

Why Hire Front of Stage Barriers?

Front of stage barriers, also known as "Mojo barriers" or "pit barriers", are temporary barriers designed to create a safe and secure space between the performers on stage and the audience in front of them. These barriers are commonly used at concerts, festivals, and other large events to prevent overcrowding, protect performers from overly enthusiastic fans, and prevent accidents or injuries. The barriers are typically manned by trained security personnel or event staff who monitor the area for safety hazards and ensure that fans do not climb over or push against the barriers. They may also be used to create a VIP area in front of the stage for special guests or sponsors.

"Designed to protect both performers and audience members from harm."

Front of stage barriers are an essential safety feature

Fence Hire Southern’s Front of Stage Barrier has been uniquely designed to help reduce finger nipping. The barriers are strong, durable and the special design also allows for a straighter line to be erected due to the interlocking system.

Sitting at 1.2m high x 1.0m long with a fully galvanised frame. Each barrier is designed to withstand the greatest of pressures while also bringing a quality look to your event

90 degree corners and gates for cable ramps or stage access are available. With a 100m run at your disposal, the front of stage barrier can be rapidly put into place and removed to allow your event build and breakdown run smoothly without to much interruption.

The front of stage barrier is available only on a full service basis.

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