All our heras panels are manufactured with SmartWeld technology.
SmartWeld uses resistance welding which uses electricity to melt two metal objects together, and unlike traditional welding, there is no added steel.
This technology is excellent for mass manufacturing and for keeping costs low.
Square top temporary fence panels have a join in each corner. These corners are potential weak points of the panel if mishandled. Therefore these panels have four potential "weak spots".

heras panel welding 1
heras panel welding 2

Our heras panels are delivered, installed, dismantled time and time again during the year. Open to the natural elements, human error and vandalism, corners can be broken, making the heras panel unsafe and unusable for our customers.
We decided to combat potential problems before they began by re-welding all corners of every heras panel and making them even more robust than when they left the factory. To protect the weld, we paint each corner with zinc-rich cold galvanising, which gives protection against corrosion on all ferrous metals against rust.

heras panel welding 3
heras panel welding 4
heras panel welding 5
heras panel welding 6
heras panel welding 7
heras panel welding 8