Crowd Barriers for Hire and Sale

Why Hire crowd control Barriers?

Any instance where a major event is imminent, certain measures must be taken to regulate large crowds that are likely to be in attendance. Successful crowd barrier management is always on the agenda for organizers and can require comprehensive planning. Logistics such as implementing pedestrian barriers are imperative and must be done adequately since organizers and attendees can ill afford potential injuries that may follow. In addition to controlling the movement of crowds, crowd barriers can also be used to create designated areas for VIPs, media, and emergency responders. They may also be used to create queues for entry or exit points and to separate different groups of people.

"Easy to install pedestrian crowd barrier, ideal for crowd control."

Crowd barriers serve several important functions, including maintaining safety and security

British made and hot dipped galvanised for durability and presence, temporary crowd barriers are specially designed to reduce the risk of pedestrian obstruction.

At 2.5m long x 1.1m high we can deliver up to 500 crowd barriers for hire on a single artic which is a total distance of 1.25 kilometres. Most of our competitors offer pedestrian barriers for hire which are 2.3metres which means handling another 100 barriers to cover the same distance.

Crowd barriers are a quick and practical way to create demarcation areas for crowd control, display arenas or even site traffic control. Our fixed leg barriers are strapped together in packs of 25 for easy transportation. Barriers can be easily double stacked for space saving. By using Fence Hire (Southern) Ltd installation and dismantling service, our experienced crew and purpose built vehicles, some with mounted fork lifts, make for light work. Let us take the strain and free your time to focus on what you do best – organising your event!

Overall, crowd barriers are an important tool for ensuring the safety and security of large crowds in public spaces. By controlling the movement of people and creating designated areas for different groups, they help to prevent overcrowding and reduce the risk of accidents and other incidents.

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Up to this point you may or may not have just thought of crowd control barriers in terms of providing greater safety to the attendees of an event. That is just one of the things that crowd control barriers are used for..