Temporary fence panels

Temporary fencing is ideal if you are looking to secure any site perimeter, it’s quick and the most cost effective solution. Temporary security fencing is portable fencing with rubber blocks and clips. Site fencing is essential for controlled security and keeping the general public at a safe distance whilst continuing any event build programme in safety.

Our temporary fencing are specifically designed to conform to the Health and Safety Executive Guidelines GS7 (Relating to accidents to children on construction sites). They are manufactured with vertical wires not exceeding 40mm spacing, in order to prevent anyone gaining a foothold to climb the fence. Braces are supplied every five panels where possible as standard to help secure the line from any wind damage.

3.5m in length x 2.0m High and comes complete with a 24kg rubber foot and double couplers to add strength and make your fence line more secure. With almost 20km of identical fencing in stock, we can cater for any size event. Since moving away from hiring to the construction industry in 2011, this has freed up valuable time to make sure our stock always goes out in excellent condition. Investing in over 120+ fence stillages has allowed us to once again limit the damage and make distribution for site staff ever more easy.

On a single artic load we can deliver 285 temporary fence panels to site in one go. That includes the feet and clips and any other accessories required which is just a little under 1km of panels. As soon as we arrive, we are ready to assemble your event needs.


  • Vehicle Gates have an opening of 4.8 metres, big enough for any large vehicle.
  • Pedestrian Gates with a width of 1.1m and locking bar for easy access onto site.
  • Anti-lifts stops the panel being lifted clean from the block for easy access underneath.
  • Braces are important part in securing any fence line with screening of signs. (Supplied every 5th where possible for normal runs with a heavy duty pin).
  • Debris netting allows the wind to break through the screen but obscures view from a distance
  • Screening comes in white to stop any view into site. Supplied with anti-lifts and braces on every panel to make sure your fence lines are not blown away.