Temporary hoarding

Fence Hire Southern’s Hi-Hoard is the replacement product for the ageing corrugated standard Temporary Hoarding system. Like the Titan Wall the product is finished in juniper green plastisol on the outside.

Our Hi-Hoard stands at 2.1m high x 2.4m long from ground level upwards. It uses a unique top and bottom fitting to join the sections together and a brace on each joint to protect from strong winds. As shown in the pictures, the hoarding can be used on both soft and hard ground with the addition of block trays creating a triangle section from the foot for greater stability. Each section is then countered with four rubber feet combining a total weight of 200kgs per panel.

With just over two running tracks worth, the hoarding can be used for back stage areas, troublesome areas and even site perimeters. The hoarding has been recently used for tree protection in London parks to minimise damage to the branches and trunks of the trees during build and breakdown of events. The system is fully compatible with the Titan wall so both products can be used together.

Regrettably Hi-Hoard is only available on a full service basis owing to specialised equipment required for transportation and installation.