Titan wall

Fence Hire Southern’s Titan Wall, offers a high and solid secure steel temporary wall from ground level upwards. Sitting at 2.5m high and 2.4m wide this temporary product creates a formidable defence against easy unauthorised entry resulting in potential damage or theft. Each panel is connected with bolts top and bottom and a heavy duty brace and pin to stop wind issues.

The Titan Wall system is designed for soft ground application only and can be combined with the Hi-hoard system to overcome potential problems. Fence Hire Southern’s Titan Wall is finished in juniper green plastisol on the outside for presence and durability.

With our unique corner attachments which make light work of any major turn and still allows a full privacy screen throughout the run. We can also combine the titan wall with our temporary fence products if required and still continue a secure perimeter line.

Regrettably the Titan Wall is only available on a full service basis owing to specialised equipment required for transportation and installation.